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   June 1, 2011

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Ponytail Holders

POR-01 white elastic pony tail ring $12.03  gross
POR-02 black elastic pony tail ring $12.03  gross
POR-09 black terry pony tail ring $9.45  gross
POR-10 basic pink terry pony tail ring $9.45  gross
POR-11 red terry pony tail ring $9.45  gross
POR 34B 4 " black continues 3mm thick $10.63  gross
POR-34W 4" white continues 3mm thick $10.63  gross
POR-03B Black  6" continues  4mm thick $12.03  gross
POR-03W White  6" continues 4mm thick $12.03  gross
POR-03N Navy  6" continues  4mm thick $12.03  gross
POR-03R Pink  6" continues  4mm thick $12.03  gross

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